Presentation Activity

Activity Instructions

Time to apply what you’ve learned: Please use the results of your analysis to plan a lesson for a 40-minute class period or session in which you are sharing data insights with students. Think of this as an activity you could do weekly or regularly with students so that they are receiving ongoing feedback and thinking critically about their work.

Your product may be in the form of a lesson plan, a class-facing presentation, or a presentation with teacher notes. To complete this activity, please use the Google Slides file that was shared with you upon course enrollment. It is named “Your Name_Data Analysis Activity.”

Reference Materials
Student work
Student scoring and feedback report

Project Guidelines

Feel free to get creative, but make sure your lesson includes key insights from data and thoughtfully satisfies all data-sharing best practices:

  • Based on insights and takeaways from the data, for all activities, plan assigned groups for your students and provide rationale for groupings. (5 points)

  • Prepare targeted questions that you want students to answer so you can better understand their progress. (5 points)

  • Strategically select anonymized work samples for students to utilize and analyze throughout the activities. (We recommend using a screen clipping tool to include specific pieces of work!) (5 points)

  • Plan at least two thoughtful differentiated activities so students can engage with the data. (10 points)

  • Allow students time to implement their feedback and data. (5 points)

Note: To ensure you receive all points, please make sure you provide rationale for the choices you’ve made in your slides or speaker notes.

Finally, for an easy 5 design points, include a class agenda toward the beginning of your presentation and make sure your final product is polished and professional. (5 points)