Norming Activity

You need 30-45 minutes for this activity AND a buddy. A buddy is a friend, family member, classmate or colleague who can complete this activity with you. If they have experience teaching or in education, even better!

1. Identify and ask your buddy to participate. 

2. Download and read the sample prompt, rubric and student responses here. (Make sure you send these files to your buddy.)

3. Each of you should individually use the rubric to grade one sample essay.  Please assign a score for each component of the rubric. 

4. Compare your scores and identify the discrepancies. 

5. Take turns explaining your rationale for the scores you assigned. Discuss the grey areas in the rubric that led to the discrepancies in scoring and come to a consensus for how to apply the rubric. 

7. Grade the second sample essay individually

8. Compare your scores and repeat steps 4 and 5 if there are discrepancies. 

9. Record the results of the norming activity in the Google Form below.