About Us


Our Approach to Curriculum Development

We want to provide aspiring teachers with research-based knowledge and skills that will have a transformative impact on their students' learning. 

We start by assessing the current best practices for scoring, providing feedback to students, and data analysis. We identify key gaps in understanding or pain points. Then, we design competency-based courses that challenge teachers to embrace and deepen classroom mindsets and practices that promote student-driven progress. 

Our Values

Students First

We offer a transformative experience for future teachers by continuously returning to the question, “What impact will this have on my students?” Scholars see how the skills they acquire in each Graide Academy course will affect student learning outcomes.

An Engaged Learner Is a Successful Learner

Scholars are excited by our fresh approach to teacher preparation because they feel that they are immediately benefiting from their enrollment in Graide Academy. We want our courses to be among the very best in their education college experience.


Ensure each moment is productive for the future teacher, allowing them to quickly relate learning to their current or future students. We build in opportunities for teachers to create resources that they will use in their own classroom. We keep content concise, relevant and to-the-point.

AMBITIOUS & Accessible

Our content is cutting edge, research based, and rigorous. We want to challenge Scholars with meaty content and thought-provoking insights while also providing an experience that is friendly and accessible.